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Extract email addresses from internet, reliable and powerful bulk email marketing software solution
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18 July 2009

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Email sender and Verifier, utility name itself indicates that it is a two in one utility to verify your email list and bulk emailing. It allows you to send emails to your subscriber with product updates, newsletter, advertisement or passing some messages etc.

Features: The application has a very nice user interface. You can perform operations like verify email, create message and send bulk emails. Application allows you to create email list by adding email addresses to the list. You can also import list of email address from different file formats such as txt, xls, csv, xml, dbf and mdb. Once all your email addresses are added to the list, click on verify button to verify email address. The verify column will be updated as valid or invalid. This helps you to send mails to valid addresses only and reduces load on your server. Using filter you can select all or valid only or invalid only. Application allows you to export list of email addresses. You can export in text, xls, xml, csv or mdb format. To send bulk email to your email address list, you can create plain text email message or HTML message. Enter Title; add an attachment which you want to send along with your mail.

To send email message, you need to configure your email account. You need to configure email account. Enter email, SMTP server, password, port etc. Application also allows you to set send email parameters like thread count, thread sleep count when email empty, thread sleep count between two connection, send method, sender name and reply to address for return receipt. For verification of email address you can set number of thread count, specify how many time to retry when email is valid, and specify maximum number of connection for each server.

Overall: It is an excellent software to send bulk email to valid email addresses.

Publisher's description

Email sender
This tool is Professional high performance email marketing software for targeted bulk email marketing campaigns and email lists building at your desktop. With This tool You can easily manage mailing lists for your subscribers, create high personalized HTML messages and newsletters and send them in just few minutes. The tool is the most comprehensive and yet simple tool among the leading email marketing software. With excellent designs and powerful features you can get best results and beat your competitors.
Key Features:
Up to 5,000 threads set free(Depend on your machine).High speed email sender application by using multi-threaded delivery£¬Very Easy sending bulk email to lots of recipients.
Powerful Direct Sending ability. Bypass your ISP's mail server, Automaticly lookup receipt Email's mail exchange server and send email directly to recipients£®
Automaticly remove duplicate e-mail addresses£®
Support attachments.Support both text and Html Format£®
Fast Import or export speed£®Support TXT, EXCEL, FOXPFO, DB, XML Etc.
E-mail Verifier
This is a Professional e-mail address verification tool.Rapid and accurate test-mail address is real and effective.
Key Features:
Up to 5,000 threads set free(Depend on your machine).Can verify about 150000 e-mail per hours.
Only verify e-mail is valid(Real exist) or is invalid and nothing is send to the email recipitent.
Verify accuracy can be established
Verification-mail filtering.
Fast Import or export speed£®Support TXT, EXCEL, FOXPFO, DB, XML Etc.
Email sender and Verifier
Email sender and Verifier
Version 6.25
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